Thursday, March 31, 2005

Exciting Anvil Exchange w/ PNP Chief General Lomibao

The sixth major event of Anvil Business Club this year 2005 was the successful March 30 Anvil Exchange Forum with Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Arturo Lomibao at the Cafe Carrera of PGA Cars/Porsche, Edsa, Mandaluyong. Despite the attack of NPA Communist rebels that afternoon in Bulacan, General Lomibao still came and delivered an eloquent speech about the national security situation, his reform plans for the PNP and prospects for better peace and order. The Open Forum went smoothly, with a lot of candid questions on diverse topics from members and officers. General Lomibao was very honest and direct to the point in his replies, logical, forthright and effective in bringing across his ideas.
General Lomibao humbly admitted that a recent survey showed that the PNP is considered the most corrupt agency or institution in the Philippine government, and he expressed determination to change thi anomalous situation as his No. 1 challenge. General Lomibao lauded the Filipino Chinese community for being the No. 1 source of moral, material and even logistical support to the under-manned and inadequately-armed PNP. He said there are now 115,000 police nationwide in our republic of 84 million people, but the ideal number of police based on our population and international standards of 1 police for 500 people, the PNP still lacks 50,000 police. General Lomibao said funds are not enough. He said that his monthly salary as PNP chief is P30,000 per month, while the new police private gets take home pay of only P 10,000 per month. He said that the PNP will maximize its limited resources and help secure Philippine society.
General Lomibao advised people to have faith in the Philippine future and the PNP. Among his replies to Open Forum questions included his advice that there's no need to open the trunk of a car at a checkpoint, because that would require a search warrant order. He said that the biggest security threat in our republic is still the Communist rebels. He said that he does not have vices, no alcoholic drinks, no smoking, no womanizing or carousing in bars, no gambling, that he prefers to spend time in a bookstore. He said he admires the leadership style of British Prime Miniter Winston Churchill. It was an exciting, free-wheeling exchange of ideas and informations. At the end of the session, General Lomibao remarked that he enjoyed himelf very much and look forward to another meeting with Anvil just over dinner. General Lomibao expressed admiration for Anvil Business Club, its lofty objectives of promoting business or professional success, entrepreneurial courage, Confucian values, leadership and civic conciousness. He thanked Anvil Business Club for our expression of support to the PNP's war against crimes. His speech before Anvil Business Club is very memorable for him, because he was just promoted as PNP chief exactly 16 days ago last March 14. We had confirmed 50 people, but a total of 69 Anvil members and officers attended including past Chairmen Bernard Go, Michael G. Tan and Past President Jeffrey Cobankiat. Special guests who accompanied General Lomibao were his Philippine military Academy (PMA) batch 1972 buddies Major General Torch de la Torre (who is now the PNP Comptroller) and Colonel Alejandro Flores (Harvard graduate and former Vice-President for lending of AFP-RSBS).
Among our many new recruits for members who attended include Bryan Ang Chua (eldest son of Federation of Fililipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Inc. incoming President Francis Chua), the children of Sterling Paper's Henry Lim Bon Liong, the son of Arch. Gilbert Yu, Pinnacle Healthpointe Gym/Spa owner Nelson Sy and others. Past Director Jeffrey Lao brought copies of "Business Week" magazine for free distribution to all Anvil members, while past Director Solon Sy wowed the crowd by leading the singing of the national anthem with his sublime voice. VP Alvin Uy did well making the announcements of Anvil projects this year. Smart Telecom also gave our Guest Speaker a free Infinity cellphone. The choice of Cafe Carrera at PGA Cars/Porsche was a bright idea of Ronald Alan Ko, Anvil Exchange Forum Chairman. EVP Roy Chua invited several new recruits for members and his Anvil Badminton Tuesday project was announced. VP Kenneth Hung's China industrial tour project was also announced. VP William Villanueva asked one of the best questions about what legacy General Lomibao hopes to leave behind as PNP chief. After the whole affair, our active Anvil member Peter Dee invited us officers led by Chairman George Siy, Kenneth Hung, Ronald Alan Ko, I and others to his Foot Zone reflexology center at 17 Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan where he treated us to free massage. Surprisingly, discussions on the night' successful event and other new projects were discussed non-stop from Foot Zone to Gloriamaris Wilson Street up to 2:00 AM. Among the projects discussed were the Induction of Officers, the proposed Anvil Prize, the Anvil Yearbook project under VP Alvin Uy, and many other topics. Anvil Business Club invited General Lomibao as our Guest Speaker not only because he is the country's top Cop with a lot of power and ideas, but because he is an upright leader whom we sincerely respect and support. We hope that the success ethic, leadership attributes and honesty of General Arturo Lomibao will inspire all our Anvil members to become even more successful in all our respective fields.

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