Saturday, February 21, 2015


Anvil's President Mr. Reginald Yu representedAnvil Business Club (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs) as a guest in DZRJ's "Good Job, Philippines," anchored by the inimitable Barbie Atienza and co-hosted by the debonair John L. Fernandez, who was pinch-hitting for Ms. Maggie Muñoz-Shih. It was a pleasant reunion of sorts as both are good friends and former colleagues from Junior Chamber International-Manila (i.e. Manila Jaycees).

It was a distinct honor for yours truly, as this one-hour program exclusively discussed about the Anvil Business Club – an Association of Young Chinese-Filipino Entrepreneurs, which I currently head as President. The show gave yours truly a great opportunity to talk about the organization's objectives of propagating positive values in promoting a healthy economy and a progressive society among young Tsinoy businessmen and professionals, aged 21 to 50, with the ultimate aim of pursing excellence in each member's respective field of endeavor and empowering them to be productive members of society.
While delicate issues about the Club's perceived exclusivity with ethnic Chinese-Filipinos and the recent re-admission of women into the organization were brought up, it was the kind of programs that the Club was running which sparked the most interest among the hosts. I indicated that, since its founding in 1991, Anvil is recognized for acknowledging successful businessmen and executives by inviting them to speak at monthly functions, which we call "Business Exchange Forums," where members listen to their life stories, their struggles and their triumphs, while learning valuable lessons along the way.
I added that, apart from the Exchange Forums, Anvil seeks to broaden the horizons of its members through annual industrial trips that give our members a wider perspective of business, by touring international plants, factories, trade fairs and institutions. Each year, this activity has a local counterpart, wherein members also visit local plants and factories in order to encourage investments in the Philippine economy.
At the core of its programs, however, is the Club’s various civic projects. Members try to give back to the community by sponsoring scholarships to the less fortunate but deserving students; donating classrooms to far-flung provinces needing such; and conducting dental-medical missions to indigent residents of small barangays.
Finally, I was asked, "Why use the name Anvil?" I indicated that the name "Anvil," was admittedly, rather picturesque. An anvil, as everyone knows, is a flat piece of steel where other metals are hammered on to become useful tools. Its symbol and namesake is also its perfect metaphor: for within the Club, members forge not only new friendships and connections, but also endeavor to produce conscientious, decisive, and well-informed business leaders.
I made a rejoinder during the program's conclusion by issuing a personal challenge to our organization: I said that, before my term ends this year, we aim to make an upward leap from being mere anvils to becoming the wielders of the hammer whose horizons on how we ought to develop our nation – largely, through the exchanges of ideas which we are engendering in our various programs.
DZRJ-AM (810 AM), also known by its tagline, "The Voice of the Philippines," is an AM radio station of the Rajah Broadcasting Network, Inc. in the Philippines. It is, by far, still the only English-language AM station in Mega Manila. "Good Job, Philippines," on the other hand, is a radio talk show program that discusses all good news – all the time – about people, jobs, careers and related topics.

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