Thursday, April 16, 2015


Another auspicious evening transpired with the Board Members of the Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs (Anvil Business Club) as they held their 3rd board meeting for the year at the sumptuous WAFU Japanese Restaurant.
Under heaps of "eat-all-you-can" servings of U.S. Hangar and Tenderloin Steaks, Blue Marlin, Grilled Salmon, Dorado Fish, and Ebi Tempura, the intrepid officers presented their respective plans and projects – a number of them already on-going – which aims to further raise the profile of the organization, while focusing on greater take-home value for its growing membership.
A number of board re-assignments were also effected, particularly in the creation of four new portfolios: Vice-President for Social Affairs (oversees the internal and external social/community programs of the Club), Director for Cultural Affairs (creates cultural awareness programs for members), Director for Individual Development (maps out general business and self-improvement programs for members), and Director for Networking (leads in the development of programs aimed to enhance inter/intra-member co-action and exchange). Apart from the traditional Business Exchange Forums, an exciting series of activities aimed to augment the overall development of the Anvil member is in the works: goodwill missions to Japan, Malaysia and China; inter-division sportsfests; greater involvement with government and quasi-government agencies; business and social enhancement seminars; and a grand Entrepreneurs' Summit, just to name a few.
Indeed, the organization's juggernaut is set to make "Anvil R.I.lS.I.N.G." more than just a catchphrase; it's turning to be a palpable reality.
Thanks to Anvil's esteemed Honorary Chairmen Mike Tan and Bernard Go for hosting the magnificent dinner.

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