Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Mr. Reginald Yu represented the Anvil Business Club  (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs) in a special segment of "The Janice Hung Show," starring the lovely and enchanting Janice Hung (洪燕燕), the country's most formidable Wushu (武術) champion-turned-compleat-entertainer.
Set under the glare of klieg-lights and captured by no less than three rolling cameras, what began as a perfunctory ten-minute interview about our organization turned out to be an intimate, yet, engaging half-an-hour conversation of what Anvil does and what it represents. The alluring martial arts champion (and, at 5'8 – a statuesque head turner, as well) – who displayed an impressive proficiency in Mandarin, Fookien, English and Tagalog (a rarity among today's generation of Tsinoys) – revealed to be following the exploits of our Club as well; expressing great hope about what it can do to inspire scores of young Chinese-Filipino entrepreneurs and professionals in becoming vital members of the community towards nation building.
Janice's story serves as a great inspiration to many of us. The eldest among a brood of six children raised under the specter of constraining traditionalism, she demonstrated grit and determination to unfetter herself from what many view as age-old stereotypical and obstructionist Chinese practices – and much to her parents' deep consternation at first – to become the young, amazing icon that she is today, overcoming many of the proverbial cultural challenges of second-generation Tsinoys living at the crossroads of change. Beginning at a very tender age of 7, she decided to be different by dedicating many years of her life in Wushu, having painstakingly mastered the art even if there were people in her life that were against her newly-found passion. She eventually earned gold medals in national Wushu competitions (1999-2007) and international competitions such as the Southeast Asian Games (2005 Philippines, 2007 Thailand), Asian Games (2006 Qatar), and the 1st Invitational Wushu Competition (2007 China). While studying at the University of Sto. Tomas, she also excelled as an athletic scholar and a member of the Women’s Track and Field Team.
Today, while retired from competitive sports, Janice continues to be the face of Philippine Wushu. In 2010, she established the Janice Hung Arts and Sports (JHAS) Foundation out of her desire to extend opportunities to the Filipino youth and promote their creativity. Since then, JHAS has been very much involved in providing education and cultural programs with more than 300 beneficiaries. Without an iota of a doubt, Janice Hung will soon be recognized as one of the country's most ennobling transformational leaders set to conquer the world stage as one of today's generation of young heroes.
The "Janice Hung Show" airs on Saturdays, from 4:00 to 5:00pm at NET25. Do catch our Anvil segment this Saturday, May 9. Don't miss it!

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