Thursday, February 18, 2016


Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Anvil Member
Kevin Ong Tai and Melanie Gale Sy
What do you call that precise moment when th last color of the night is gradually being replaced by the light  of the new dawn? That is exactly what the Anvil Business Club had last January 27,2016 when the outgoing officers, like master conductors of an opera, handed over their batons to the new set of officers who will take the helm of this Club and take it still to the pinnacle of heights it has not yet traversed but with the road already paved by their predecessors.

Chairman Emeritus George Siy delivering his
Welcome Address
 Kevin Ong Tai and Melanie Gale Sy who were resplendent their sartorial elegance, acted as master of ceremonies. 
Chairman George Siy delivered his Welcome Address to the audience consisting of no less than ten of its sixteen past Presidents as well as 147 members and guests who stand as living testaments to this historic occasion.

Chairman Peter Mangasing delivers his Turn Over message

Outgoing Chairman Peter Mangasing delivered his Turnover message expressing his appreciation to all the Anvil Membership who have been actively participating in the Club’s activities and express his continued support by being an active adviser to the incoming Board. He will be succeeded by Mr. Eduardo Cobankiat.

Thereafter, outgoing President Reginald Yu delivered his message which was essentially a glance in retrospect  at the events and activities undertaken by the Club during his term and after acknowledging the personalities who made his leadership sterling, he handed over to his successor, Mr. Marcelo Co, the Anvil Dragon Trophy, a miniature statue of a golden dragon with & wings of Pegasus which is only but fitting that it be made the symbol of leadership and authority in view of its image of being fierce and readiness to soar to great heights. He would get to keep it for the duration of his term to be passed on to his successor.

New President Marcelo Co then took the podium and made an audio visual presentation of the history of the Club giving glimpse of what is going to be in store during his leadership. He announced the creation of the "Mastermind Group," who will work on further enriching the Club’s cultural programs and the forthcoming 2nd Leadership Summit where he would invite international guest speakers who will share their business insights for the benefit of the Club members.

Another highlight of the evening was the introduction of the Anvil Business Magazine which will serve as a medium in order to announce and promote the programs, events and activities of the Club. It would come out in two versions, English and Chinese. Obviously, the objective is to expand its circulation abroad specially in the neighboring Asian countries where we can reach out to as many counterparts in these Chinese speaking regions and hopefully, for them to likewise establish our Club Chapters there.

The occasion also served to showcase one of the Club's key strengths: having among its ranks industry leaders who currently dominate their respective fields of endeavor. The latter part of the program invited four such leaders — all of whom served in both capacities as President and Chairman of the Anvil Business Club — as resource speakers in a panel discussion that talked about their secrets to business success: Jeffrey Ng (real estate development), Peter Mangasing (cable and wires), Wilson Lee Flores (branding, insurance and consumer goods), and George Siy (beauty and wellness).

Newly-installed President Marcelo Co presents a Plaque of Appreciation to Anvil Business Club's Honorary Chairman Jeffrey Ng, Wilson Lee Flores, Chairman Emeritus George Siy and Outgoing Chairman Peter Mangasing who served as Guest Resource Panelist during the evening's turn over ceremonies

Outgoing Chairman Peter Mangasing and President Reginald Yu awards all Directors with a Leadership Excellence Award in recognition of the outstanding work done during the 2 year term of their administration

The 2016 Anvil Business Club Board of Directors Congratulations to the new Board of Directors for 2016! Under their leadership, the best is yet to come! Good luck!
Photos of Anvil Members and Guests enjoying the turnover ceremonies

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