Saturday, October 8, 2016

Cheers to Becoming Better Speakers and Business Leaders!

Following the success of the first chapter of Anvil’s Espress Me series last May 19 and the clamor for a second chapter came ESPRESS ME 2, an event that was all about learning public speaking secrets in making the right impression to business partners, investors, clients and friends. Tucked away in Paseo De Roxas, the beautiful Accelera8 Coworking space, with its minimalist wooden interiors, set a warm, inviting atmosphere for Anvil members and the distinguished guests, Ortigas Center Toastmasters Club members. To the delight of caffeine junkies and non-coffee enthusiasts alike, delectable cocktails and single origin coffee from Kuppa Roastery & Café were served as energy boosters. It was a propitious evening for the members of both clubs as everyone got pumped up for a night of learning, networking, and fun. The lively chatter died down as veteran Toastmaster trainor Wilson T. Lee walked out onto the stage. Having founded two local toastmasters clubs with over 15 years of public speaking experience, his very presence demanded attention. The past Toastmaster District Governor, who represented the Philippines in international Toastmaster engagements, shared how critical effective communication and good leadership are in business. These can be achieved by cultivating the 5 qualities every Rockstar has—that is, a leader who inspires such that people go out of their way to follow him: Credibility, Expertise, Concern, Passion, and Vision. The keynote speaker then encouraged the crowd to commit to improve and to conquer their fear of public speaking as the professional and personal rewards of becoming a better speaker are tremendous. Members of the Ortigas Center Toastmasters Club then took on the stage to demonstrate what happens during Toastmasters meetings. Anvil member and the evening’s lovely host, Katherine Chua, acted as the Toastmaster of the Evening and introduced the Technical Teams (Ah-Counter, Grammarian, and Timer) who were tasked to evaluate the speakers for the night. First up was the ever-charming Director of Membership, Lorina Tan, who delivered her “Notes to My 18-Year-Old Self” with much style and finesse. A naturally excellent speaker, Lorina captivated the entire room as she spoke about her insightful personal journey so far, marked by her love for coffee, relatable boy stresses, and career goals and aspirations. Dynamic new member Paul Erik Tiu inspired the audience with his version of the famed Shakespearean soliloquy, “To Be Or Not To Be.” Chronicling his winding career path, Paul shared anecdotes of his dreams as a kid, his constantly changing interests as a teen, and the opportunities and difficulties he encountered as he graduated onto the real world. Now with four businesses in his hands, Paul motivated both Anvil and Toastmasters members to always rise above life’s challenges. Last but not the least, Anvil’s resident branding expert Lexter Ang brought the house down with a demonstration speech on “Mapping Out Your Talk.” He orated with utmost clarity and confidence his practical, ingenious tips on mastering the art of good conversation in different social groups and settings. Complete with a masterfully done presentation that emphasized always having an objective in mind and profiling the person you are talking to, Lexter left the audience better equipped in navigating through any conversation with anyone. Many Anvil audience members also had the opportunity to speak on stage during the exciting Table Topics session. Members were invited to give short, impromptu speeches to thought-provoking questions such as, “If you could add a new face on Mount Rushmore, who would it be?” and “If you were given the chance to name 7 man-made attractions as the 7 Wonders of the World, which would they be?” It was definitely a treat for the members to be able showcase their lightning-quick thinking skills and public speaking prowess. Kudos to the Anvil Espress Me Team for once again putting together a successful demo-and-workshop event! For anyone interested to join the Anvil Toastmasters Group, hats off to you for having the courage to improve! Simply contact Dir. Lorina Tan to get signed up. Project Chair Katherine Rose Chua, Event Director JR Co, Creatives Lexter Ang, Logistics Harvey Co and Paul Tiu, Photographers Mike Sia and Ryan Yuquico, Documentation/PR Hillary Ang, Consultants Lorina Tan, Sherwin Diu and Lexter Ang

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