Saturday, February 20, 2016


The Chinese culture belongs not only to the Chinese but to the whole world.
- Jinato Hu

The Anvil Business Club recently held its annual Spring Festival Celebration or traditionally called Chinese New Year Celebration in Chinese classic theater like setting at the Quezon City Sports Club last February 20, 2016.

The sports club ground was transformed into the historical imperial garden reminiscent of the entertainment grounds of the Chinese emperors in ancient history. The path way to the site was lined up with radiant pink lotus decoration, greeting each guest with symbols of tranquility and long life. The ceiling was decorated with red drapes accompanied by red lanterns enveloping the surroundings with artistic flair. 

At the center of the function room is a rectangular glass tank full of mandarin orange, symbolizing abundance and wealth.  Members and guests were tasked to guess the number of oranges in the tank.

Special thanks to member Sheryl Yu for the creative setup. At the end of the table each guest was treated with free Chinese calligraphy souvenir from talented Anvil member, Dewey Tan.

The highlight of the festive night was the classic Chinese theater mixed play performed by the members of Anvil Business Club. The cast was composed of Anvil members each dressed in colorful classic Chinese costume.

The Chinese drama play was about the origin of the Chinese valentine's day also called the 七夕festival. It happens on the 7th day of the 7th month of the chinese lunar calendar.
Its a love story between 牛郎, a cow herder, and 织女, goddess from heaven.
"织女 the weaver girl is said to be in charge of weaving clouds in the heavens. She has always heard of true love on earth and has been fascinated on how mortal beings kung live and die for it. One day she decided to go to earth along with other fairies. While she was on earth, she met 牛郎 a simple cow herder. They fell in love with each other and got married, and soon had two kids. A boy and a girl!
Meanwhile, when her mom, the queen mother of the heavens found out 织女 married a mortal being, she was furious! She ordered the heavenly guards to bring back 织女 for questioning and punishment.
The couple were then separated from each other. They cried upon each other's names day and night. Taking pity on them, the heavenly officials asked queen mother to have mercy on them. Thus queen mother allowed them to meet once a year, which happens on the 七夕festival. Thousands of magpies flew to form a bridge so that the couple may reunite with each other."
This is a legend many Chinese family knows.

After the spectacular performance, the Chinese teachers from the Confucian Institute performed Chinese opera song using Guqin (古琴), a seven string zither without bridges. Guqin is the most classical Chinese instrument with over 3,000 years of history.

Thanks to the creativity and hard work of the CNY committee headed by Chairperson Winny Yu and under the leadership of Director Richmond Co, the momentous celebration belongs to the chronicles of Anvil history.

The Anvil Business Club is an organization of dynamic entrepreneurs and professionals committed to promoting positive values and influencing excellence in their respective fields, for the economic and social progress of the country. For membership inquiries, please contact the anvil secretariat at secretariat @ and tel no. 726-7029.

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