Monday, March 30, 2015


 Intrepid members of the Anvil Business Club (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs) decided to take a brief respite from the daily drudgery of work and exploited the scorching summer sun with a pre-Holy Week, two-day excursion at a private beach resort in Calatagan, Batangas.
Aptly christened "Summer Fun at Calatagan," thirty Club members and their friends trooped in three batches, with two Nissan NV passenger vans provided by Director for Internationalism Leoncio Lei Yee Jr., while others – such as Immediate Past President Ong Jov, Director for Outdoor Events Christopher Go, members Christopher Yae, Jac Licauco and Kel Li – brought their own private vehicles.
Sun, sand, and surf dominated the overnight expedition, where the young boys and girls of the Anvil Club exploited the unique opportunity to enjoy life’s simple pleasures – exploring the beautiful coastal Serenity Beach of Stilts Calatagan Resort, admiring the large variety of flora in the lush, flower-filled Garden Cabanas, discovering the complex life-cycle of starfishes and sea cucumbers, or simply basking in the gorgeous sunrises and breathtaking sunsets provided by the locale.
After a tiring but fun-filled day frolicking at the beach, the adventurous group hied off to a luxurious getaway – the famous White Mansion of the ElsaLicias, Calatagan's ideal vacation home for the Anvil vacationers. Boasting of three air-conditioned bedrooms, with a fully-furnished living room, pool, dining area and a fully-equipped kitchen, the sprawling hillside house has a magnificent view of the sea and perfect for a swim in-between breaks.
That evening, amid the sumptuous buffet dinner prepared by the staff of The House of Mantou (饅頭), the members spent the leisurely summer night at the White Mansion's veranda, sharing funny "horror" stories, belting out favorite karaoke numbers, and lazing around the warm light of a bonfire especially prepared for them. Thanks to Anvil member Rudy Ngo, an enviable assortment of distilled spirits – vodka, gin, tequila, rum, whisky, and beer, of course – were made available to those wishing to carelessly indulge. The members had so much fun that they didn't realize that it was only just an hour ahead of daybreak before deciding to call it a night.
But that didn't stop most of them from rising up early on a Sunday morning to embark on a ten-minute, narrow dirt-road trip to one of the town's historical landmarks: the century-old Cape Santiago Lighthouse. Also known as "Punta de Santiago" or "Faro de Punta Santiago," the must-see attraction is an imposing 51-foot tall white-and-red-brick lighthouse that was built in 1890 by Engineer Magin Pers y Pers, and later completed by Guillermo Brockman, to guide seafarers passing the Verde Island passage, San Bernardino Strait and the Manila Bay. Climbing the rusty, spiral staircase made of cast iron with 65 steps leading to the top of the lighthouse was no easy feat, but the breathtaking view from the top of the lighthouse was more than worth the exhausting ascent. The splendid view of the Calatagan coastline, the magnificent canvass of the South China Sea and its surrounding beaches, provided a perfectly tranquil backdrop for the young members to take photos, while the cool zephyr of the sea breeze added to the excitement. Indeed, the Cape Santiago Lighthouse stands witness to the rich history of the area, with over a century's worth of stories to tell.
The group's last stop before going home to Manila was an impromptu lunch trip to the well-known Balinsasayaw Restaurant in Tagaytay, Silang, Cavite. Named after a rare edible-nest swiftlet found only in El Nido, Palawan, the unique eatery truly lives up to its atypical bird's name. Instead of dining with other guests in the spacious main dining room, the group decided to nestle in one of the cabañas that provided a little bit more privacy. Surrounded by lush gardens, the restaurant – which serves delicious fusion Filipino culinary fare – satisfied the delegation's varied gustatory cravings and serves as a fitting denouement to spellbinding two-day journey with great friends.
Kudos to Director Chris Go and Project Chairperson Jessica Velasco for spearheading this worthwhile initiative. And to Co-Chair Johnny Uy for recommending the place. Till the next exciting adventure...

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Greatly privileged to have the esteemed Yonghao Pu (浦永灝) – UBS AG's Managing Director for Wealth Management and Regional Chief Investment Officer of the Northern Asia-Pacific Region – discuss emerging global economic outlook for 2015 and beyond with the members of the Anvil Business Club (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs) in a private dinner session exclusive to Anvil Club members.
Entitled "Living in Diverging Worlds," the two-hour talk by UBS AG's renowned global investment strategist laid the predicate for investors living in a divergent world: with uneven economic growth and monetary policies implemented in diametrically-opposing paths across world markets, businessmen's concerns are exacerbated with geopolitical tensions which adds to the uncertainty Mr. Pu predicted the global economy would be moderately improving in 2015, as inflation would not pose a major risk, given the sharp decline in crude oil prices – a phenomenon not expected to change in the next months. Coupled by a broadening of growth drivers in the United States economy, such as the improvement of credit conditions, the improving U.S. job market and the sluggish wage growth, the U.S. macroeconomic picture is seen to accelerate from 2.2% to 2.9% this year. Europe, on the other hand, which has witnessed slow growth in 2014 at 0.8%, will continue to expect very modest acceleration to around 1.2% in 2015. This is due to the weakening Euro, an expansionary European Central Bank, and the improvement in credit conditions where companies and households are still in the process of de-leveraging. He also cautioned about an increasing private sector debt that can be a source of concern in Asia, particularly in China, where its corporate debt percentage has eclipsed that of the United States. Coupled with oversupply of inventory in the property sector, a decreasing competitiveness in wages, and the weaker economic momentum, China will be facing tougher times in the years ahead. The renowned strategic investment guru ended his presentation with a positive note for the Philippines: with an attractive price-earnings ratio and solid economic fundamentals, Mr. Pu predicted that the Philippines will continue to enjoy a high-performing economy. He advised that, in a world where the possibility of volatility gets higher, seeking a balanced portfolio will become increasingly more important for investors.
Mr. Pu graduated from Xiamen University with a Bachelor of Accounting
in 1982 and a Master of Economics in 1984. He also holds a Master of
Statistics from the London School of Economics. As one of the members of UBS AG's Investment Committee, he has contributed numerous articles to publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, International Economy, Cato Journal, and The Banker, among others. He has also been invited to speak on Asian economic issues at major economic events including the World Economic Forum, OECD Conference and China Summit.
Based in Switzerland, UBS AG is a global firm providing financial services to private, corporate and institutional clients. Individuals around the world look to UBS to provide them with the advice, expertise and opportunities they need to protect and grow their wealth.
Special thanks go to UBS AG Hong Kong Associate Director Sharlene Soo for hosting and arranging this presentation.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


 Galvanized with the string of successes in the areas of membership growth, project management, and brand equity development last year, the re-organized Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs (Anvil Business Club) Board of Directors promptly established their annual Planning Session to streamline and solidify the organization's plans and programs for 2015, with the aim of bringing "Anvil R.I.S.I.N.G." into fruition: R-aise our profile in the community I-ncrease membership
S-ecure financial stability I-nitiate innovative and relevant programs  N-etwork extensively with like-minded organizations  G-enerate appreciation for our time-honored culture and traditions
The body officially welcomed the entry of five "New Blood" into the Anvil Board – Jeanne Kao, Leoncio Lei Yee Jr., Jayson Sze, Lorina Tan,and Katherine Sy-Yap – with the supreme confidence that they will continue to steer the Club to greater heights, in the face of new challenges and enormous opportunities.With the ironclad support of the Club's Honorary Chairmen (i.e. Past Presidents) – Roy Chua, Michael Chenglay, Ong Jov, Jeffrey Ng, and Stefan Tong – and led by Chairman Emeritus George Siy who consciously acted as lead moderator (not to mention, set the entire direction of the day-long discussion), the five-hour session proved to be exceedingly productive, as the new Board was able to identify their respective committees' strengths, weaknesses, while spotting opportunities for new programs that aim to address last year's limitations. The end result was an engaging 2015 Calendar of Activities which accounted for all planned projects from each of the twenty-five Project Committees.
We're all very excited and Good-to-GO!


Anvil's President Mr. Reginald Yu lead the Anvil Business Club (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs ) in a "FriDate" with The Honorable Grace Poe during the Club's third Business Exchange Forum for the year. The jam-packed affair saw almost two hundred members and VIP guests in attendance, including a delegation from the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (菲華商聯總會), led by President Alfonso Siy, and the Philippine-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (菲律賓中國商會), led by its President, Jose Go, among others. In a rare occasion, the Honorable Senator was accompanied by her loving (and very humble, low-key) husband, Neil Llamanzares.
In her short speech, Sen. Grace Poe began by thanking the Anvil Business Club for being "one of the few organizations who took a big chance with... (her) when they unselfishly supported... (her) bid for Senator during the time when.. (she) was still a virtual unknown." Moreover, she lauded the Chinese-Filipino community for its continuing efforts in leading the business sector as the primary drivers responsible for the country's continued economic growth. With a current Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 6.2% posted in 2014, the country has "gained credibility among investors and the international community, and this has translated to a stronger economy," she asserted. While she commended the Chinese-Filipino businessmen in the audience for their successful pursuit of wealth creation, she also urged them to focus on manufacturing and agriculture, as these would help make wealth distribution more equitable through job generation.
The good Senator also underscored the importance of creating a quality workforce through proper education. "But one of the most important aspects we need to realize is that there can be no quality performance on an empty stomach," she said. The Solon shed light on a United Nations study which estimates that six million Filipino children are malnourished and around 66% under the age of six do not have childcare. For this reason, she filed Senate Bill No. 79, "Sustansya sa Batang Pilipino" Act, which institutionalizes a free nutri-meals program for students in all public and elementary schools nationwide. Senator Poe called on private sector support through their respective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities or through simple donations to public schools.
She also pushed for channeling more government funds towards improving the country's major infrastructure – such as new airports, underground transport systems, railway rehabilitation. "Infrastructure," she said, "is a vital component in encouraging a country's economic growth." Developing infrastructure enhances a country's productivity, consequently making firms more competitive and boosting a region's economy. In line with this, she also encouraged the development of "virtual" infrastructure, such as on-line procurement systems in an effort to deter corruption.
She ended her remarks by crediting the Aquino Administration for setting the stage for good governance and emphasized that the country would need a leader with the moral footing to continue the fight against corruption and uphold the tenets of good governance after PNoy's term ends.
Based on her performance on the Senate floor, which the public has keenly observed during the PDAF hearings and, recently, in her investigation on the Maguindanao tragedy, among others, a good number of Anvil members were convinced that the good Senator is clearly a woman whose sense of mission is matched by her “balls of steel.”
For my response, I said that I hope to speak for the greater majority of the Club members when I proclaim our steadfast belief that Senator Grace Poe has been vested the greater potentials for her brand of service that our nation direly needs; to her accrues the greater segment of the nation’s hope for survival and advancement. "Senator Grace personifies the kind of public servant who tells us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear," I concluded. "This is the kind of 'Amazing Grace' who will certainly stay in our collective sub-conscious, especially when our citizenry looks beyond 2016."
The well-attended forum was made more colorful with the support of PhilRealty, represented by its stunning Sales and Marketing Manager, Ms. Gionna Jimenez Cabrera (2005 Binibining Pilipinas-Universe) and its captivating Sales Executive Robyn Tan (2013 Miss Chinatown Philippines finalist), who made a presentation for their latest residential development project, "SkyVillas at One Balete" in Quezon City. They were endorsed by Anvil member Johanson Dy Cheng.
The evening also saw the induction of eight new and dynamic young individuals into the growing roster of Anvil members – largely as the result of the efforts of Director for Membership, Nizelle Lim.
Kudos to the outstanding team behind the mega-success of this event: newly-minted Anvil Directors Jayson Sze, Katherine Sy-Yap, Lorina Tan, and recently-promoted Vice-President for Programs Patrick Cua. Honorary Director and Past President Steven T. Cua also lent his invaluable services as the evening's co-host, together with Lorina Tan. This was an acid-test of their leadership and they certainly did not disappoint. Congratulations!
P.S.: When I shook the Senator's hand, I was bemused with her first statement: "Akala ko ikaw si Xian Lim."

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Anvil's President Mr. Reginald Yu represented the Anvil Business Club (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs) in meeting with officers from "InvestHK" (投資推廣署) – Melvin Lee (李國煒), Investment Promotion Head and Willie Tan (陳威利), Investment Promotion Deputy Head – both from the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (香港特別行政區政府).
The two-hour exploratory luncheon was a productive one, as both parties agreed to work for a mutually-beneficial partnership that will give Anvil members the opportunity to examine the possibility of investing in Hong Kong, while "InvestHK" officials offering free advisory services on sector-specific business opportunities; tax and business regulations; employment legislation; business incorporation procedures; and immigration requirements, including finding the right business service providers and advice on applying for work visas and employment issues.
Established in July 2000, "InvestHK’s" vision is to strengthen Hong Kong’s status as the leading international business location in Asia. Their mission is to attract and retain foreign direct investment which is of strategic importance to the economic development of Hong Kong. In all their services, they are committed to apply the following core values: passion, integrity, professionalism, customer service, business friendliness and responsiveness. "InvestHK" largely works with overseas and Mainland entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinationals that wish to set up an office – or expand their existing business – in Hong Kong.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


 The Anvil Business Club (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs)'s third Board Meeting for the year turned out to be a highly auspicious one as the Club leadership officially welcomes five young and dynamic new directors into Team 2015, after months of undergoing an extensive screening and vetting process: Jeanne Kao, Jayson Sze, Lorina Tan, Katherine Sy-Yap and Leoncio Lei Yee Jr. – all extraordinary achievers in their respective fields of endeavor and have demonstrated exceptional passion and dedication to the organization. They shall replace the members of the board who have either chosen to take a less prominent role in the organization, or who – by virtue of having passed the Club's maximum "age of limitation" of 50 years for officers – have stepped down by design.
The evening also saw the formal recognition of two long-time members of the Board, Kenneth Hung and Bobby Sy – both of whom have given some of the best years of their lives to the organization – as they are elevated to the esteemed rank of Honorary Directors... a first for the Club.
In what was also deemed a "triple celebration," Honorary Chairman (and Past President) Michael Chenglay commemorated his 47th birthday by hosting a sumptuous 9-course lariat dinner for the Board and his fellow Honorary Chairmen. Here's to many, many more productive years ahead!
Indeed, in this Year of "Anvil R.I.S.I.N.G.," the entry of New Blood into the Board ensures that the 24-year-old organization will be infused with a new spirit of dynamism and great promise of hope in what is expected to be an even exceptional year for the Anvil Business Club!
Congratulations and welcome aboard!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Mr. Reginald Yu lead the modest delegation from the Anvil Business Club (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs) during a luncheon tended by no less than His Excellency, Ambassador Dr. Gary Song-Huann Lin (林松焕) of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in the Philippines.
Attended by a small select group of Chinese-Filipino businessmen with particular business interests in Taiwan, as well as officials from the Manila Economic and Cultural Office, the affair marked a modest commemoration of stronger economic ties between the Philippines and Taiwan, Republic of China, as the two governments recently inked a Joint Economic Agreement that hopes to strengthen bilateral trade between the two countries. Apart from Taiwan’s thriving trade with the Philippines, Taiwan is the host to almost 100,000 Filipino workers, whose highly-skilled labor force has long provided the backbone to Taiwan's thriving economy. With the aim of capitalizing the Philippines' tremendous economic growth potential, the new agreement hopes to attract more Taiwanese investors to put their lot in the soaring Philippine economy.

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Anvil's President Mr. Reginald Yu lead the delegation of the Anvil Business Club (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs ) during the annual Spring Festival Reception 2015, hosted by the Embassy of China, spearheaded by His Excellency, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China to the Philippines, Zhao Jinhua (趙鑒華) at the Rizal Ballroom of the Makati Shangri-La, Manila. The affair was graced by a number of key Philippine government officials, as well as top Chinese Embassy bureaucrats and prominent business figures in the Chinese-Filipino community.
In his short remarks, The Honorable Ambassador Zhao thanked guests and friends who graced the event and hoped that the Year of the Sheep would bring in a calmer and stronger relations between the Philippines and China, while reiterating China's commitment to a China-Philippines partnership of common prosperity. "The Chinese Embassy in the Philippines will remain relentless in its efforts to push forward the bilateral exchange and cooperation between the two nations," Ambassador Zhao said, "and I'm asking everyone here to join us to make China-Philippine ties even stronger." His relevant message comes under the heels of the 40th Anniversary of bilateral relations between China and the Philippines, which shall be commemorated in June of this year.
A respectable number of delegates from the Club, including some of the organization's past presidents, graced the modest affair. The Confucius Institute of the Ateneo de Manila University enlivened the event by augmenting the ballroom with a Chinese arts and crafts workshop table, which included services on Chinese calligraphy and painting, paper cutting, knot tying, and Peking opera mask painting. Special VIPs and select envoys were also gifted with a special Chinese-Filipino-English language translator-and-lesson software.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


It was an evening of spirits, self-indulgence and solidarity, as members of the Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs (Anvil Business Club) welcomed the Chinese New Year with a simple, yet savory fellowship party christened "Shindig with the Sheep" at the Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse.
In consonance with the Sheep’s characteristics – gentle, mild-mannered, shy, and calm – the young Anvil members deliberately celebrated the new lunar year with much less fanfare than before, albeit not lacking in the characteristic conviviality for which the Club has always been known for.
Catered by Anvil Honorary Director Kenneth Hung’s MCHA Catering International with a succulent assortment of mouth-watering fusion dishes, Anvil members came in droves as they spent the evening sharing war stories, and simply enjoying each other’s company. A wide assortment of wines, hard liquor, and cocktails – courtesy of Anvil member Rudy Ngo – were made available to all the guests for their drinking pleasure. And while there were no formal program planned for the evening, no less than 2012 Meralco Idol Champion, the beguiling 19-year-old chanteuse Faye Abadicio of the A4A Band, captivated the crowd with her rendition of Chinese and contemporary pop numbers.
Throughout the evening, members and guests reveled in getting to know new friends and being reacquainted with familiar faces. For most, it was a night of socializing, networking, and catching up. Some of the guests who were invited to check out the organization were so motivated that they immediately signed up for membership.
All in all, the party went so well that many just couldn't get enough of the fun even after the formal festivities. A good number of them decided to continue the fellowship until the wee hours of the morning at the Privé Luxury Club in Bonifacio Global City, while others proceeded to Manila’s Chaos Nightclub in the City of Dreams.
Kudos to our dynamic Director for Fellowship, Sheree Chua, for another noteworthy activity! What an auspicious way to start the year of “MEEH-nee, BAAH-bbly returns!”