Monday, December 15, 2014


The Year of the Fire Horse was indeed a banner moment for the Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs (Anvil Business Club), as it closes 2014 with spectacular milestones in just eleven months into its term.
Our 23-year-old organization was fated to prosper, not only because of a leadership resolutely committed to excellence, but more importantly, also as a result of the synergism that our fellow members – individually and collectively – provide in building solidarity.
At the beginning of 2014, we set out with three simple goals for the Club:
1. To raise our profile with in the business and civic community;
2. To double its membership; and,
3. To build equity in the Anvil brand as THE organization of choice among today's generation of young Chinese-Filipino entrepreneurs and professionals.
Today, as we look back and take stock of what we have achieved, we are very proud to have wildly exceeded these goals.
As we turn a new page with another exciting year auspiciously looming ahead, your trust – as manifested in your unwavering support to our initiatives – would do much to inject us with a renewed sense of confidence as we take on new responsibilities and meet new challenges in 2015.
Thanks to our Board of Regents (past Chairmen and Presidents), Advisers, the Board of Directors, our sponsors and benefactors, and most especially, to our members who have made 2014, our "Season to S.H.I.N.E. (Strengthen, Honor, and Inspire the Next generation of Entrepreneurs)!”
Special thanks go to our very brilliant artist, Killer Mike Bulaong, as well as the ever alluring and talented consultant, Ana Francesca Betita for making us look good in this short, 2.5-minute clip.
Thank you all and enjoy the video...

Monday, December 1, 2014


As the year almost comes to a close, the Anvil Business Club (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs)'s Board of Directors look back at the landmark year it has had and look forward to an even more exciting year ahead.
While the first twelve months of this term were spent raising the Club's profile to unprecedented heights and building its membership to a whopping 480% since the year began, the next 365 days shall be spent refining the organization's dynamics and programs, with the aim of enriching the Anvil experience for every member, largely through the use of forum clusters, business training, leadership conferences and technology sessions. Taking stock of its enhanced image in the community, Anvil shall take its organization to the next level through international partnerships and a significant role it will play in the coming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in 2015.
Indeed, as Anvil was "Seasoned to S.H.I.N.E." in 2014, it promises to be another banner year with "Anvil RISING" in 2015.