Saturday, January 31, 2015


As Club president, I was absolutely delighted to be invited to represent the Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs (Anvil Business Club) in ANC's "Shoptalk" to discuss the "Characteristics of Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs and What Can We Learn From Them."
Hosted by the lovely and engaging Ms. Ria Tanjuatco-Trillo, my segment addressed long-standing public notions about Chinese-Filipinos and how they do business. I opined that many of these so-called "habits" are actually grounded on time-honored Confucian values – goodness, benevolence, harmony and respect for tradition – that have largely defined Tsinoy ethics, which in turn, play an important part of business decisions. Spiritual values and the good of the group outweighed the needs of the individual and his material desires.
I was asked how important is being nurtured in an entrepreneurial environment to the growth of the entrepreneur? I acknowledged that traditionally, Chinese family life and business were intertwined. With the high respect for senior family members, the father headed the business with other relatives filling key management positions. Decision-making was – and still is – centralized, with others following directions to promote the good of the organization. There was little corporate structure since most businesses were small and all family.
Other values I mentioned included the virtue of "saving face" (留面子), which metaphorically means "prestige; honor; reputation;" as well as, "guanxi" (關係), a system of reciprocal relationships with friends and others who become trusted business associates. Filial relationships were respected even if they resulted in lost profits or opportunities.
And while newer generations of Tsinoys are largely Western-educated, it bears repeating that centuries of tradition do not vanish overnight. For Tsinoys, Confucian values blended with Western capitalism have created a business culture that favors a true entrepreneurial spirit, capturing the best of both worlds.
"ShopTalk" is an ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) Current Affair’s show that addresses the concerns of those who want to succeed in business, gain knowledge on real estate, insurance, careers and other money issues. It features budding and established entrepreneurs in and out of the Metro.
My segment is part of the program's overarching theme, "Celebrating the Chinese New Year" episode, which will first air on February 17 at 7:00 p.m. on ANC. Do watch for it!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The Anvil Business Club (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs) marks a very auspicious year ahead with no less than The Honorable Wang Chien-Shien (王建煊), former president of Taiwan's Control Yuan (2008-2014), gracing the Club's first Anvil Business Exchange Forum for 2015.
The 76-year old statesman – whose staunch crusade against corruption and a passionate advocate of good governance, have largely defined his legacy as a widely-respected public servant in the government of the Republic of China – enthralled a jam-packed crowd of more than 100 members and guests, as he talked about his very humble beginnings and shared a number of invaluable lessons in good management and sound governance, as well as declared his belief in the benediction of giving back to the community and even, the joys of simple living and parenting.
Being once poverty-stricken himself, The Honorable Wang affirmed his advocacy to help the destitute through education. At the center of his life-long commitment to public service, he has set up award-winning foundations, such as the Renewal Foundation for childless, aging indigents; and the Xinhua Charity Education Foundation for the poor but deserving students. Through these groups, he has helped establish over 400 schools in China, set up a scholarship program in China to help the "brightest of the brightest and poorest of the poor," and created the “Putting Back the Pearls” program to assist outstanding junior and senior high students who were facing great financial difficulties. This program offered free meals, free accommodation and tuition to more than 16,000 students.
Using short stories and witty vignettes, the evening's guest speaker imparted some nuggets of wisdom to the young entrepreneurs:
1. There is a whale of a difference between being just a successful entrepreneur and a great one. The successful entrepreneur knows how to earn their money; the great entrepreneur knows how to spend their money wisely.
2. Material wealth is not worth dying for. What use would acquiring vast tracts of land be when all you will ever need when you pass away will be the earth equivalent to the size of your casket?
3. Lead with love. Business and government leaders who do not lead with genuine love from their heart will not endure. Only those who show real compassion to their subordinates and constituents, even at the risk of sacrificing personal setbacks, will earn the love and respect from those who they lead. Aim to earn their love that will make them say, "I am glad that you are here."
Having headed such key posts as the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Political Affairs, Ministry of Finance, and the Control Yuan, he was adjudged the "Best Minister of Finance in Asia" award in 1992 by Euromoney, and was cited by Reader's Digest China as the "Most Trusted Figure" in Taiwan in 2010, eclipsing even the Taiwanese President.
The Control Yuan (監察院), one of the five branches of the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan), is an investigatory agency that monitors the other branches of government, is the Republic of China's watchdog body and one of the five yuan, or branches, of the country's central government.
Special thanks goes to Dr. Andrew Liuson, Ph.D. (柳 萬 安), Vice-Chairman of Cityland Development Corporation, for his invaluable assistance in making this forum with The Honorable Wang possible.
The first Anvil Business Exchange Forum of the year also marked the inaugural opportunity for members to freely present their products and services through a ten-minute presentation. New Anvil member Errol Chua introduced his company, Artemis Defense & Security Solutions, and gave the floor to his partner, Emiliano Romano in giving a sneak peek on how their group can successfully empower individuals with their safety and security through effective high quality training and solutions. Free passes to attend their one-day seminar (worth Php6,000 each) were raffled off three (3) lucky members.
Kudos to Anvil members, the loquacious Atty. Oscar Franklin Barcelona Tan and the charming YanFang Zhu for flawlessly officiating the event as the evening's co-emcees.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Anvil's President Mr. Reginald Yu  represented  Anvil Business Club (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs), together with  second-term Representative Karlo Alexei B. Nograles of Davao (1st District) 
discussed the possibility of supporting House Bill 4969, or the "Philippine Green Jobs Act of 2014," which he recently filed.
The bill seeks to create employment opportunities that will be less harmful to the environment by using green technology, or innovations that conserve natural resources.
No less than the International Labor Organization (ILO) has cited Rep. Nograles' measure as the “first of its kind – where a national law bears the term ‘green jobs’ not only in the region, but in the world.”
He also proposed the grant of fiscal incentives and tax perks to encourage individuals and enterprises to participate in the creation of green jobs, practice the use of environment-friendly technologies and produce green jobs and services. More than highlighting labor as an essential economic force needed in sustainable development, the bill also seeks to promote the right of individuals to a safe and clean ecology. To carry this out, it said the government shall identify needed skills and develop programs for research and the training of workers.
In filing the bill, Rep. Nograles said he seeks to utilize his bill as a stepping stone towards a green economy, one that is "low-carbon" and "resource-efficient," contributes to the well-being of constituents, and reduces environmental risks. The bill also aims to complement the Climate Change Act and the National Climate Change Action Plan – two pieces of legislation that Anvil actively advocates – which prioritize the creation or promotion of climate-smart industries and services for 2011-2018.
For us at Anvil, any service activity that contributes substantially to preserving or restoring environmental quality is welcome news to us! Mabuhay po kayo Cong. Karlo! May your tribe increase!

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Anvil's President Mr. Reginald Yu  represented the Anvil Business Club (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs) during a justifiably eminent moment: the public launch of a breakthrough product – "The Salamander" – the first-ever amphibious tricycle in the world, in glittering ceremonies attended by the "Who's Who" of the motoring world at the swanky Capitol Commons Information Center in Pasig City. It is, proudly, a 100% Philippine-made innovation. A product of almost five year's worth of intensive research which the team behind H2O Technologies have been working on (among other numerous other innovations which are slated to advance in the market later this year), "The Salamander" uses a patented solution held by H2O Technologies that allows the vehicle to use the same engine that seamlessly switches from land to water travel as required by the driver. It can reach speeds on land of up to 80km per hour and 6 knots in water that can effortlessly carry the driver and five passengers. But "The Salamander" also has some other tricks up its sleeve: it has a hull that has been especially designed to withstand a significant amount of damage and still maintain buoyancy and stability for water travel; and, it can be powered by an optional full electric motor or an ultra-low emission internal combustion gasoline engine using a patent pending innovation called "HydrOPlus," an advanced hydrogen blending technology which helps with creating more efficient fuel consumption and reduces carbon emissions. Needless to say, the vehicle is environmentally friendly and helps in reducing carbon footprint. I have stood as a silent, yet munificent witness to the years of struggle and strife that this young group of visionary engineers and entrepreneurs have undergone. Led by my very good friend, Dom Chung – H2O Technologies' Founder and Managing Director – whose undiminished passion for marshaling the collective talent of Filipino engineers into a powerful force for collective good, the group has overcome unthinkable vicissitudes and create a significant milestone, not only for this ragtag team of inventors, but for the Philippine motoring industry as a whole. Keys to this team's great success are the contributions of the company's Chief Engineer, Lamberto Armada who developed the vehicle's electric motor technology, and Atoy Llave – the name commonly associated with custom vehicles – who designed the trike's unique body design.
The launch of the Salamander highlights an exciting time for the Philippines on many fronts, but none more so than that of knowing that the inventive, creative and innovative Filipino spirit is alive and well. And it’s great to see that with more ambassadors like H2O Technologies stepping up and showing that “Filipino Made” can foot it with the best – I’m certain that the collective future of Filipino ingenuity and engineering innovation is in great hands.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"ANVIL R.I.S.I.N.G." IN 2015

Fresh from a wildly successful year that has just passed, having achieved unprecedented membership growth and having built the brand to the sought-after organization that is it today --- we proved that we are, indeed, "Seasoned to S.H.I.N.E. (Strengthen, Honor, and Inspire the Next Entrepreneurs) in 2014!
This year, the Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs (Anvil Business Club)'s leadership is now pumped and primed to take the organization to the next level with "Anvil R.I.S.I.N.G." as encapsulated in our simple, six-pronged thrust:
R-aise our profile in the community
I-ncrease membership
S-ecure financial stability
I-nitiate innovative and relevant programs
N-etwork extensively with like-minded organizations
G-enerate appreciation for our time-honored culture and traditions
As we face the Year of the Wooden Goat with renewed promise in our first Board Meeting for 2015, we have committed to re-double our efforts, maintain our momentum in our communities, reorganize our leadership, and create more value for our members as we prepare to take the organization to greater heights. Our "best" has just gotten even better...