Thursday, January 22, 2015


Anvil's President Mr. Reginald Yu  represented the Anvil Business Club (Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs) during a justifiably eminent moment: the public launch of a breakthrough product – "The Salamander" – the first-ever amphibious tricycle in the world, in glittering ceremonies attended by the "Who's Who" of the motoring world at the swanky Capitol Commons Information Center in Pasig City. It is, proudly, a 100% Philippine-made innovation. A product of almost five year's worth of intensive research which the team behind H2O Technologies have been working on (among other numerous other innovations which are slated to advance in the market later this year), "The Salamander" uses a patented solution held by H2O Technologies that allows the vehicle to use the same engine that seamlessly switches from land to water travel as required by the driver. It can reach speeds on land of up to 80km per hour and 6 knots in water that can effortlessly carry the driver and five passengers. But "The Salamander" also has some other tricks up its sleeve: it has a hull that has been especially designed to withstand a significant amount of damage and still maintain buoyancy and stability for water travel; and, it can be powered by an optional full electric motor or an ultra-low emission internal combustion gasoline engine using a patent pending innovation called "HydrOPlus," an advanced hydrogen blending technology which helps with creating more efficient fuel consumption and reduces carbon emissions. Needless to say, the vehicle is environmentally friendly and helps in reducing carbon footprint. I have stood as a silent, yet munificent witness to the years of struggle and strife that this young group of visionary engineers and entrepreneurs have undergone. Led by my very good friend, Dom Chung – H2O Technologies' Founder and Managing Director – whose undiminished passion for marshaling the collective talent of Filipino engineers into a powerful force for collective good, the group has overcome unthinkable vicissitudes and create a significant milestone, not only for this ragtag team of inventors, but for the Philippine motoring industry as a whole. Keys to this team's great success are the contributions of the company's Chief Engineer, Lamberto Armada who developed the vehicle's electric motor technology, and Atoy Llave – the name commonly associated with custom vehicles – who designed the trike's unique body design.
The launch of the Salamander highlights an exciting time for the Philippines on many fronts, but none more so than that of knowing that the inventive, creative and innovative Filipino spirit is alive and well. And it’s great to see that with more ambassadors like H2O Technologies stepping up and showing that “Filipino Made” can foot it with the best – I’m certain that the collective future of Filipino ingenuity and engineering innovation is in great hands.

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