Thursday, January 27, 2022

*PICKAROO* Founder and CEO discusses what it takes to build the first Filipino Unicorn - Anvil Business Club Online Forum

🦄Pickaroo is the *first proudly Pinoy app* here in the Philippines. There are no foreigners, all employees are Filipino. 

🦄It was co f

ounded by *Crystal Gonzales* (previously launched foreign apps Honestbee, Viber, Canva) and *Kevin Tan* (CEO of AGI and Megaworld Corporation) 

🦄Started August 2020, amidst the ongoing Covid pandemic. Saw 600% growth within the first few months due to the need of users during covid surges. 

🦄 *1 Hour - 1 App - 1 Click*

Pickaroo's promise to its customers.

You can add everything you need in 1 basket even if it's from different stores, all in 1 checkout and all in 1 click. You do not need to talk to multiple sellers on different apps, you will never receive phone calls from its riders.  Everything is integrated within the app. 

🦄Pickaroo's user retention is very high. Customers order from the app 3 to 5 times monthly and the basket size and spend is the highest among platforms. 70% of Pickaroo users pay by credit card. 

🦄Cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation are at the forefront of Pickaroo's high level service. All their items are sanitized before the rider delivers to you so you can rest assure that the items are very clean. Pickaroo is the only delivery app that adheres to the *strictest hygiene standards*. 

🦄What sets Pickaroo apart from other apps that have come and go is its clear purpose and objective as a business. Pickaroo is here to stay because it wants to help its customers regain their valued time by helping deliver to them their everyday needs. Unlike other apps that burn money and rely on funding from venture capitalists, Pickaroo has made it it's goal to take care of its customers, make them happy and the money will just come in. 

🦄Employees have a *passion and drive* to do well. Working in Pickaroo is like working with your family. They have a very open family-like work culture wherein employees are encouraged to do their best even if it's not in their area of expertise. This culture of openness has led to increased productivity and trust between the team even though they mostly have been working from home since August 2020. 

🦄Pickaroo is now operating in 21 cities across the Philippines and is looking to expand to other provinces soon.

🦄The lucky members attending were given a Chinese New Year discount code to try for their first order.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

菲華青年企業家商會新屆改選完竣 柯遵堅會長施清瑋副會長李啟明理事長

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