Friday, October 21, 2016

Market Your Business Like a Pro: Lessons from the Philippines’ Top Marketing Gurus

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It was an exciting evening of learning as more than 100 of Anvil’s members and their guests poured into the Astoria Plaza’s Hampton Room to listen to husband and wife duo, Josiah and Chiqui Go, discuss various topics on marketing. Chiqui, author and co-author of 5 books herself and President of the Women’s Business Council of the Philippines, opened the floor for her husband. She presented marketing as the execution of strategy: it is what is put into motion when the gears of value proposition, profit proposition, value chain, and resources and processes are turned. She also offered a framework for execution which dissects a company into 5 parts: structure, system, people, rewards, and leadership. She emphasized the role of HR as the “chief execution officer” when delivering value in terms of coordination, competencies, and commitment. Josiah, the Philippines’ most awarded business educator and sought-after speaker in the areas of marketing and strategy, took the floor. Josiah offered some valuable insights to our members on how to navigate the competitive marketplace:
- Focus on brand relevance before brand differentiation. Brand relevance can be achieved by ensuring that you are satisfying the pain points of existing customers and, more importantly, knowing the pain points of your non-customers.
- Do not think about marketing. Think about value proposition instead: what does your product mean to your consumer?
- Even if you lack the budget, you need to invest in two things: a very compelling value proposition and a very creative campaign. On the latter, you must remember that if the bullet does not kill, save it instead!
- Follow the Logic of Strategy or finding ways to do things differently instead of the Logic of Industry in order to stand out in the marketplace when everyone else is killing each other.
- Once you have a very compelling value proposition, you just need to communicate it. You cannot sell if you do not have awareness.

We are said to be in the Knowledge Age where knowledge and ideas are the main sources of our economic growth; being able to apply knowledge is said to be at the crux of success. This night was indeed an opportunity for Anvil members to obtain that knowledge and be able to apply it to their respective industries and companies. Thank you Josiah and Chiqui for making us all the richer for imparting your wisdom in marketing and business!

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