Thursday, April 28, 2005

Anvil supports Math Trainers Guild, Phil (MTGP)

April 27, Thursday night, Anvil Business Club (ABC) Past Chairman and incumbent Director Berbard Go and his wife hosted a sumptuous dinner at Good Earth Restaurant in The Fort for officers of Mathematics Trainers' Guild, Philippines (MTGP) led by President Dr. Simon L. Chua and VP Dr. Eduardo de la Cruz, Jr. They're organizing the first ever math international Olympics for elementary and high school students in Bohol island province!
We support this great project, because math leads to precision, better engineering and sciences, better business too!
Chairman George Siy and Wilson Lee Flores also expressed enthusiastic support, offering several suggestions to ensure the success of the intl math olympiad next month.
If you are interested in the group and would want to support them, they can be reached through:
Math Trainers Guild Phil President Dr. Simon L. Chua
Telefax: (62) 9923045 in Zamboanga City.
Text or cellphone 0917-8479525.
Thanks Bernard Go for the great dinner, and for bringing this exceptional group together w/ Anvil Business Club (ABC).

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