Thursday, August 23, 2012

AYFCE Exchange Forum with Dr. Neric Acosta

August 22, 2012 - The Association of Young Filipino Chinese Entrepreneurs held a private forum for its members with Dr. Neric Acosta.

Dr. Acosta is the presidential adviser on environmental protection and general manager of the Laguna Lake Development Authority.

Teacher Neric as he is fondly called, talked about climate change and how it is currently affecting the country.  He explained some of the problems being brought about by the clogging of the Pasig River.  It used to be that water flows freely from Laguna Lake into Manila Bay and vice versa.

Dr. Acosta  showed studies of flooding and simulations of the flood prone areas around the country, which was done four years ago, before the Typhoon Ondoy calamity.

Due to indiscrimate logging, the erosion has caused silt to pour into Laguna Lake and the Pasig River. This, along with improper disposal of garbage has clogged the river and tributaries which causing the floodings that we have been experiencing.  Dr. Acosta said, assuming continuous good weather, the floods currently affecting the areas surrounding Laguna may take up to 4 months for it to go down.

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