Friday, March 15, 2019

Anvil 28th Anniversary

Anvil Leadership Award for Business Excellence” (ALAB Award) from Anvil Business Club!

This was held at the same time during the induction of new officers and its 28th anniversary celebration at Century Hotel Manila. Led by chairman Wilson Lee Flores and president Patrick Cua, they honored Dr. Lucio C. Tan with the recognition for his outstanding business & community leadership, and his multifarious philanthropy. Dr. Lucio Tan is the chairman of LT Group, Inc., Tan Yan Kee Foundation, Philippine Airlines (PAL), Philippine National Bank (PNB), Asia Brewery, Tanduay Distillers and many others. Tan is also chairman emeritus of the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII), which shall hold its biennial national convention starting March 21, 2019. Present at Alab Award ceremony for Dr. Lucio Tan were the Federation oF Philippine Industries chairman Jesus Carranza, FFCCCII president Domingo Yap, Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) president Sergio Ortiz-Luis, Jr., Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PCCI) president George Barcelon, and other business groups. The Anvil Business Club was founded in 1991 by a group of 17 young Filipino Chinese entrepreneurs at Malacariang Palace at a ceremony hosted by then President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. Its goals are promoting traditional Confucian and Filipino values, civic consciousness, entrepreneurial courage, professional excellence, dynamic leadership and global competitiveness. All presidents of the Philippines have spoken to Anvil Business Club, from President Cory C. Aquino to President Rodrigo R. Duterte. Among diverse civic, cultural, economic and other undertakings of Anvil Business Club include promoting international investors to come to the Philippines; promoting businesses in provincial areas outside Metro Manila, 2009 donation of the larger-than-life Confucius Monument for Rizal Park’s Chinese Garden to honor all teachers of the world and holding an annual Teacher’s Day tribute to educators every birthday of Confucius on September 28, different forums and workshops with renowned business leaders; giving scholarship grants and donating relief supplies during natural calamities. In fact, the Anvil Business Club recently gave away 10,000 tikoy to urban poor families of Camarin and Barracks communities in north Caloocan City, Congratulations once again to Dr. Lucio Tan and to the Anvil Business Club on its 28th anniversary and induction of their 2019 officers!

Friday, March 8, 2019

Exchange Forum with Dr. Alfonso Uy


Photo shows #AnvilBusinessClub officers last night honoring the self-made, Iloilo-born business & civic leader, one-time #Iloilo mayor, engineering board topnotcher, flour mill/sugar mill/feed mill tycoon & Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII) honorary president Alfonso Uy after his inspiring and very enlightening talk in Hokkien (south Fujian language) & English at the Anvil Exchange Forum dinner with members at Chardonnay by Astoria in Pasig City, #Philippines. ANVIL IDEAL OF TRUE SUCCESS: The accomplished, self-effacing & multi-lingual Alfonso Uy exemplifies the Anvil Business Club ideal of genuine success---nobility of character, integrity, humility, exceptional business prowess, combining Western & Chinese business principles, upholding traditional Confucian moral values & ethics, priceless "shinyong" (Hokkien word for "trustworthiness") and civic consciousness. CO-FOUNDER OF ANVIL: His eldest child successful businesswoman Aileen Uygongco Ongkauko is one of the 17 founders of the young Filipino Chinese entrepreneurs organization called the Anvil Business Club 28 years ago in 1991. Anvil Business Club was established with a formal ceremony hosted by then President Corazon "Cory" Cojuangco Aquino at Malacañang Palace, Manila, #Philippines. ADVERSITY STEELED HIS CHARACTER: Adversity was never a hindrance, but strengthened the character and will to succeed of Alfonso Uy. He was only four years old when his immigrant trader father died, he was raised by a noble mother. He was a working student as a travelling salesman & collector throughout the Visayas and Mindanao, was allowed to continue college due to kindness of a dean despite his too many absences but he still graduated with "magna cum laude" honors and even served as outstanding president of the student council. SOLID ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF A HUMBLE ENTREPRENEUR & RISING LEADER: He excelled as a talented, humble and honorable entrepreneur in growing businesses, was elected city councilor of Iloilo and once served as acting mayor. He succeeded in establishing numerous big enterprises contributing to Philippine industrialization, agriculture, transport & logistics modernization. BUSINESS LEADER & PHILANTHROPIST: Alfonso Uy also served as exemplary Filipino Chinese community leader and making history as the first ever non-Metro Manila businessman elected national president of the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII). He is a very generous philanthropist in donating resources, time and his wisdom to multifarious civic, cultural & community causes. ECONOMIC STATESMAN: Alfonso Uy has championed better Philippine-China relations, advocated progressive reforms and contributed to socio-economic development.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Anvil Celebrates Chinese New Year

From ancient times, chinese people like to start the year with Good fortune/Good luck. Thus, tradition such as giving out红包(redpocket)that brings luck to the receiver is widely practiced.
For us,  Anvil Business Club started the chinese new year with a gathering at the 鸿运火锅(Lucky Hotpot), "which might bring goodluck to us" at G/F of NexgenTower, which coincidentally situated at the building of our Honorary Chairman Jeffrey Ng.
There were a total of 112 members and guests attended the event. We started the night with three cultural performances. 1. The lion dance, which is believed to bring good luck and scares away bad elements. 2. 长嘴茶艺壶表演 (chinese kungfu tea show), which is said to be originated from 四川Sichuan during Sung Dynasty。 3. 变脸表演 (face off in 四川sichuan opera), the performer changing his mask/face multiple times during the performance.
After the show, the current club president Patrick Cua delivered the opening remarks, followed by the ice breaker game (Human bingo), the winners were all ladies 1. Gem Myka Sy 2. Aileen Liu 3. Melany Sy 4. Achi Ai Siy as the boys are all busy chatting and eating. It was then followed by choptics game, the winning Team Joeben Tai, Yohan Sy, Ahia Jac Licauco, Micki Chua, Dorthee Li. Then the regents and officers selected of Mr 帅哥 william villanueva and Ms 美女 sally ko to be the best-dressed of the night.
President Patrick cua formally introduced the current Anvil Execom chairman Wilson Lee Flores, VPs Christopher Go, Christopher Yae, Hubert Henry Chua, kenneth dee, yours truly, Treasurer  Jun Lu and secgen William Villanueva. It was then followed by introduction of the new directors of the club which consist of young, energetic and talented individuals. They are Ian Cheng, William Lim Jr., Aldrin Derrick Chua, Sheryll Yu, Vicente Sy, Cherie Haw and Joeben Tai.
He then announced the 2019 anvil sportsfest team owners
Team 1 - Ace Olano metrotech and Jed Warrick Tan columbia wires
Team 2 - vicente sy huayang electronics and Reymont Choachuy zen icon 8 construction
Team 3 - joeben tai of taipan properties
Team 4 - peter mangasing london wire and  aldrin chua techglobal
Our club chairman wilson lee flores delivered the closing remarks by acknowledging the organizing committee of the Cny party lead by director sheryll yu, project chair Julianne Ormoc, team members LaiSy, Clarissa Lee, Hazel Lee, Trisha Sy, Vikzen Shynx, Kevin Tan, Dewey Tan, Winny Grace Yu and Sherine Ann Koa.
Chairman also acknowledged the team responsible for feb 1 Anvil socio-civic project by giving 10,000 pcs tikoys to the residents of Camarin Caloocan with Special guests Senatorial Candidate and former SAP Bong Go, Mayor Oca Malapitan and Counsilors of Caloocan C/o by past president ReynoldSiy!"the uncle of anvil" ,energetic and resourceful director Joeben tai and the young and pretty Project chair Nicolette Lee.
Lastly chairman announced that the next speaker of Anvil forums will be Alfonso Uygongco of la filipina, which he is meeting with before coming to the CNY party (the legit reason why he is late). One of the top local market leader in flour business and others.
Special thanks to the following:
1. HC Jeffrey Ng/ Jefferson Ng /Jackie Ng for buidling permits and parking arrangements
2. Director for social events Sheryll yu
3. Project chair julianne ormoc
4. Achi 吳疏林 discovered the place because of her
5. Wilynda Chua and Jardine Ang for photo credits
6. Entire cny committee
7. Sponsors
-Chairman Wilson Lee Flores of Kamuning Bakery for Ensaymadas
-Director Jardin Wong  of Gloden Bay for all the Premium tikoys
-Director Richmond Co of Tridale for Koka noodles
-Treasurer Jun Lu for Corkcicle
-Director Elson-Sheryll Yu of Personal Touch Decorations for black Label Johnnie walker
- Novelle Office Furniture Inc for Dewars
- Mar Celo of Hobe for Hobe Bihon
- Charles Lim of WL foods for Snacks packages
- Anvil Secretariat Ms Ellen and Carter!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Exchange Forum with Tony Moncupa

East West Bank President Tony Moncupa joins Anvil Business Club's roster of speakers for its monthly exchange forum for 2017 last March 22. A single number such as the interest rate can tell about the growth confidence of a country, both short and long term, the career banker of 31 years explained. An avid reader - he is well versed with prominent socialists such as Mao Ze Dong and compares more successful communist economies that have adopted free market principles such as China and Vietnam versus those in Eastern Europe. Tony is credited with growing East West Bank into more than 400 branches aggressively in the last 5 years, a size that is necessary for the bank's business model: scale. He balanced short and long term growth that will unlock bigger growth in the future. His success beliefs include starting with one's personal values of hard work. An excellent reminder for everyone who attended Anvil Business Club's 3rd Exchange forum for 2017