Friday, June 17, 2005

Anvil Exchange with Ambassador Donald G. Dee

Anvil Exchange Forum with top business leader export leader AMBASSADOR DONALD G. DEE. Don't miss this rare, intimate and candid dinner meeting with the country's foremost spokesman of the business community and the first full-blooded ethnic Chinese to be elected President of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI). Hear his inspiring stories and thought-provoking ideas on how he vindicated his Dee family's reputation and garments business empire after his elder brother Dewey Dee's 1980s biggest financial fiasco, how he rebuilt their firms into top exporters under tough economic conditions, how the Philippine garments exports sector will fare in this zero-quota era of mighty China export factories, what are business opportunities to watch out for, how to be rugged entrepreneurs in tough times.
Hear unique opportunities in the lucrative exports business, where and how to start, problems to avoid, etc. Donald Dee is Chairman of the 1,000-firms Confederation of Garments Exporters of the Philippines (CONGEP), also trustee of Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc. (PhilExport), Chairman-Advisory Council of the Employers' Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP), Commissioner of the Social Security System (SSS), Adviser of the Garments & Textile Export Board, Ambassador and Special Envoy of the President for Trade Negotiations, etc. He is a multi-faceted entrepreneur and industrialist, an exciting resource speaker on the inner workings of Philippine big business and politics.
What is Donald Dee's analyses and fearless forecasts on the raging political controversies on jueteng pay-offs, simmering coup plots and the GMA taped conversations with Comelec executive? Amb. Dee is one of the closest allies and confidants of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ever since she was 1980s Assistant Secretary of Trade and chief of the Garments Textile Export Board (GTEB) and Dee was leader of the garments export sector. Donald Dee helped GMA gain a crucial senatorial slot in the then ruling LDP of the Mitra-Fernan slate and he let GMA used his company as the GMA national election campaign headquarters, so Anvil members and guests can ask frank honest questions on the character, mindset and possible plans of the controversial GMA from our Guest Speaker. Where is the Philippines headed politically, will GMA still try to be Prime Minister, how can business people co-exist with and thrive under these political travails?
Ambassador Donald Dee is the son of the late Shanghai-educated post-World War II self-made garments taipan Rufuno Dee Un Hong. The 57-year-old Donald Dee is Chairman, President and/or Director of many firms, including Yarn Ventures Resources, Inc., Redson Textile Manufacturing Corporation, Hacienda Golf & Country Club Resort, Inc., Export & Industry Bank, Manila Exposition Complex, Inc., and others.
Don't miss this rare opportunity to dialogue, befriend, pick the brains, learn from the dynamic, aggressive and entrepreneurial Ambassador Donald Dee---the articulate defender of employers'/private sector interests in contentious labor/political issues, the confidant of the country's top politicians on business issues, now the undisputed leader and official spokesman of the Philippine business community as President of the PCCI and head of the Employers Confederation of the Philippines. Voice out your questions, offer your suggestions on how to improve the Philippine investment climate, hear never before been discussed news, analyses, off-the-record anecdotes and valuable entrepreneurial advices.

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